LINE Sticker DB


What is this?

The LINE store search excludes certain results, specifically when they are region locked, or have a time limit. However, the metadata can always be requested for a sticker, unless it has been deleted. So this website scrapes the LINE store for every sticker's metadata and saves it onto a local sqlite DB.

While all the metadata might be downloaded beforehand, the stickers themselves are downloaded on demand. Stickers with animation or sound will take longer, since they must be merged into a webm file. So if you are the first person to request a sticker, you might have to wait a bit.

If you want to run it yourself you can get the code at:

How does it work?

Add icon - Adds a sticker to a list on the bottom right of the screen.
Open icon - Opens the sticker in the explorer.
Download icon - Downloads the sticker straight from LINE's servers.

Selected Stickers
Click - Opens/closes the list.
Delete icon - Empties the list.
Open icon - Opens the selected items in the explorer.

Sticker Explorer
Click on left bar - Select sticker pack.
Click on sticker - Copy sticker URL.


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